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Please take into consideration that I work based on scheduling that takes place a minimum of one week before the meeting and I do not reply on weekends or holidays. Thank you.

"I am an artist who is in the show that Izzy curated at the Painting Center - "Straight Forward -Image Driven". Izzy produced everything -from the conception to the execution. The complete show was her talent. She was able to obtain a grant from The Painting Center for the show and selected the female Pratt Institute graduates. She is phenomenal!"

Beth Barry


"If you are a creative individual who needs assistance with any online project do NOT hesitate to contact Izzy. She will immediately put you at ease and handle your website, your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Need more exposure to your art? Let Izzy market for you!"

Diane Di Bernardino Sanborn

Professional Artist + Educator

"To Whom It May Concern: I have been acquainted with Izzy Nova for approximately five years. During that time we have been associated through an important arts critique group with connections in New York, Pennsylvania and the greater metropolitan NY area. I have found Izzy Nova a fount of information and knowledge about the arts. She is generous in sharing and disseminating her knowledge of art history, current art trends, art world events and personalities and so much more. Izzy is a valuable friend to me and to artists and an asset to the field of art. I hope that she will receive the support and encouragement that a grant would provide. We need people like Izzy Nova to thrive in our world."

Linda Louis, - - on Instagram as: @lindalouisart and @friendsoflinda

"Izzy Nova has been managing social media marketing promoting my artwork for over a year. I am thoroughly pleased with her work. Her curations show me aspects of my paintings I had not seen before. She is professional, hardworking and does a beautiful job. Anyone in the art world who wants to grow their presence on the web, Izzy Nova is the person to hire. Any of my classmates in computer kindergarten, I can say Izzy has shown me great patience, kindness and clear instruction. She is a gem."

Arianna Lin


"Izzy is a smart, dedicated, resourceful, loving, talented soul who truly wants the best for her students, friends, mentees, and clients. Her resolve, knowledge, and passion never ceases to inspire me. Art scene, whatever you need, she's your lady."



"My collaboration with Izzy Nova for the last several years has been and continues to be remarkably fruitful. Izzy not only applies her organizational skills to keep me on track, tackling all administrative, application and technical tasks, she also enriches the conversation about art beyond my studio practice. Her interest in, and knowledge of, the arts is genuinely vivid, thoughtful and outstanding.
I have a great deal of respect for how Izzy simultaneously manages several different types of studio practice, including her own practice. Additionally, Izzy Nova is an independent art curator; she also co-runs the New York and Philadelphia Crit groups— by itself not a small project! Izzy is an art advocate, an artist booster. She is a unique, sweet, resourceful and smart person." 

Pauline Galiana


"In the course of working with Izzy as she helped me set up my website and social media accounts, I was impressed with not only with her energy and expertise , but her knowledge and credentials as an artist and an art worker. When the time came for me to begin organizing a show of printmakers which also included a historic account of the 50 year old print shop, I immediately contacted Izzy and asked her to curate the show which we intend hopefully to open in Nov 2020. While everything still seems uncertain due to the Covid 19 crisis, Izzy has continued to work on ideas, sketch-up models for installation, and amassing information for a catalog. She brings the sensibility of an artist, the dedication of a professional , and the compassion of a human being to everything she does. It is a joy to recommend her." 

Christina Maile

Printmaker + Writer

"Izzy Nova is a driven and goal oriented individual, who works well with teams and is a good listener. Often a team leader, Nova is a proactive individual, with good ideas and attitudes that make the best of any project."

Emilio Maldonado

Artist + Art Professor

"Izzy has been managing my Instagram page for two years and has increased my Followers approximately three-fold so far. She is a gifted photographer. My Instagram page looks infinitely better since it’s been under her purview. The thing I love most about her is that she’s is an out-of-the-box thinker and a brilliant problem-solver. Present Izzy with any problem and you get an extremely clever solution. Her devotion to helping artists further their careers is total so she has learned to do practically anything a professional artist needs. Next up, Izzy is creating and assembling a slide show for me, a tour around my pastel studio, to add to my website. I know it will be great!" 

Barbara Rachko


"I have been working with Izzy on several art-related projects for about two years. Izzy isn't just an extraordinary person but a very committed and passionate professional. Her sense of community building and her human sensibility makes working with her a wonderful and kind experience. One of the talents that Izzy has is the power of bringing people together, creating synergies beyond what one can imagine. I have experienced how my work and career has been deeply transformed and projected because of her. She is compassionate, caring, brilliant and a force that moves art in New York. I strongly recommend her personally and professionally."

Mafe Izaguirre


"Izzy is a wonderful artist. I work with her developing programs such as the NYCXPhilly Group Crit and she is meticulous and thorough when creating and presenting events. I have recommended her to many artists which she has helped developing their internet and social media presences.
I am sure her future is bright and I highly recommend her in any capacity." 

Micheal Krasowitz


"Izzy is an extraordinary person / Artist who is a rare commodity in being unselfish, setting a goal, and getting there by any means necessary. Quite often she will go out of her way ( at her expense ) to see things through, those goals are reached, that missions ( usually for others ) are accomplished. Often I feel as I am in a time warp, this old schooled professional is walking stride for stride with me, she understands all of my nuances, my difficulties, and she gets it all and performs it all the way through to the end. I wish I had money to hire her full time because she is quite one of a rare kind in helping so many others. Priceless."

Mark Strodl


"Izzy is one of the best art assistants I have had. She is easy to work with, very personable, caring, and hard working. She is very knowledgeable about the art world. Conversations with her about my work are very thoughtful and useful. She has a brilliant sense of marketing and always has fresh ideas of how to present work. She has helped me on a number of projects, and they all have a large vision and scope as a result."

Eileen Hoffman


"Izzy is kind, smart, and driven towards incredible goals. I visited with Izzy for a Professional Practices class with Pratt Institute and am still benefiting from the generous guidance offered from my fellow Pratt alumni."

Casey Anderson


"Izzy has made an enormous contribution to my art practice. Not only with web design and management, social media, and all administrative tasks, she also has real art world knowledge and shows enthusiasm and initiative for whatever job she works on. I am grateful to have her working with me."

Frances Vye Wilson


"I have great respect for the professionalism and knowledge that Izzy Nova has expressed in assisting me with difficult pc issues. She also tutored me on features that I was unaware were available to me, a non-tech person. Her work is invaluable."

Jack Dowling