Launched in 2018, NYC GROUP CRIT is an independent, artist-run collective with the intention to foster constructive, intergenerational environments and events that serious artists at all levels can and want to meet in. The collective praises low-brow and academia within the fine arts community, inviting foremost the need to resonate with other artists. Artists meet in person to receive feedback, push artwork to the next level, and spread opportunities supporting artists' practices and careers. Simultaneously, the collective seeks to encourage exhibitions, art writing, peer-to-peer exposure, and inspiration for more artist meetings across the country via its growing online platform and basic critique model.

NYC Group Crit is an initiative started by Izzy Nova (director) and Michael Krasowitz and has a sister across the border, Philly Group Crit.


NYC Group Crit @ The Box Factory

JANUARY 22, 2023, 2 - 4 PM